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. >>> president obama is among the world leaders to come to new york this week for the united nations general assembly. secretary of state clinton met with the pakistanis yesterday. there's a demand by palestine to be made a full u.n. member. the u.s. is threatening to vie tow that effort. >>> and the two american hikers being held in iran are hoping to be released this week while the president of iran is at the u.n. they had hoped to be set free over the weekend. a judge whose signature was needed to sign the release record won't be back from vacation until tomorrow at the earliest. >>> dominique strauss-kahn has given his first interview since having a sexual encounter with a hotel maid. he says he regrets the incident kept him from a leadership role in france and he blasts the u.s. justice system. here's jeffrey kofman. >> reporter: what happened was more than an inappropriate relation, adding it was a moral failing. strauss-kahn was one of the most powerful men in the world. in an instant last may, his world clapped. he lied, he said, in this, his first public statement about the case. he
and his administration speaking to reporters in new york after addressing the united nations general assembly, spoke foekusing on the thorny issue of the palestinian request for statehood. >> president obama didn't say they'd veto an attempt for palestinian statehood but it was implied. >> peace will not come at statements and resolution. if it were that easy, it would have been accomplished now. >> the u.s. wants to push leaders back to the negotiating table. >> we believe any lasting peace must acknowledge the very real security concerns that israel faces every day. >> the president met with the prime minister and wants leaders to denounce hamas leadership in the gaza strip. the two territories along with east jerusalem will makeup a new palestinian state. >> they want to achieve a state with international community but not prepared yet to give peace to israel. >> later today the president will meet with mahmoud abbas. and. >> this is morally and legally correct what we're trying to do. >> french president says negotiations should begin within the month and a formal agreement reach
president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, is set to speak to the united nations general assembly today. none of that matters to the families. it wasn't american soil. but it was the next best thing. as the families of shane bauer and josh fattal greeted them in oman. the first taste of freedom for the 29-year-olds after spending more than two years as prisoners in iran. >> we're so happy we are free. and so relieved we are free. >> reporter: the omani government flew them out of iran and reportedly paid their $1 million bail. for bauer, it meant a reunion with sarah shourd, his fiancee, who was with them when they were captured. but spent only half as much time behind bars. >> two years in prison is too long. and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. >> reporter: the three were arrested in 2009, while they were hiking along iran's border with iraq. they never realized they crossed into iran. they were arrested for trespassing. then, bauer and fattal were arrested for spying. they were sentenced for eight years
prison. and mahmoud ahmadinejad is in new york to attend the united nations general assembly and spoke with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> when we said we'll release them we we lease -- release them. as a humanitarian gesture. >> the attorney for fattal and bower is going try again for release. >> a soldier seriously injured in afghanistan is back in the u.s. tonight and being treated in palo alto. he was carried off a jet last night, losing both legs after a bomb blew up under the humvee he was n a veteran's group made sure he got a proper home coming. >> we're here to escort him injured in afghanistan to v.ra. his wife request aid flag line for him. >> his wife is a santa clara native. veterans later followed the am back to you lance to >> a lot more to bring you here at 5:00. coming up bay area braces for a third spare the air day. >> and there is hot weather going to have you sweating again. i'll let you know when cooler weather will arrive. >> michael finney warns those failing to travel light. some fees will tack hundreds on to cost of the trip. the california univer
. this week for the united national general assembly. >>> and for the second time in 24 hours, there's been a deadly crash at an air show, the latest one happened in west virginia, where a world war ii-era plane fell from the sky exploding into flames. the pilot was killed. meanwhile, the death toll from friday's crash in nevada, rose to nine. >>> former president bill clinton is preparing to convene the annual meeting of his clinton global initiative. this year's session has an eye on the home front, focusing on the unemployment crisis. it will be together world leaders and ceo to confront the huge challenges this country faces right now. president obama, addresses the group later in the week. and former president bill clinton joins me now from new york. thank you very much for being with us in. >> thank you. >> now, sir, your mantra right now is jobs, jobs, jobs. what do you think can happen to radically shift the unemployment picture and also pass muster in the washington in these very partisan times? >> well, i don't know if i'm the best person to answer that second part of that questio
nations general assembly in just a few hours from now. one of the main issues on hand today, the formation of a palestinian state. will the president blocked their bid for statehood? >> big story there. absolutely, we'll be covering that all morning. >>> and bull's eye, the archer aiming for a place in the guinness book of world records. while overcoming up believable odds along the way. if this man can do what he does, we should all be climbing mt. everest. >> it's trite, but where there's a will, there's a way. this guy is living proof. >>> before all of that, it is a day of mourning in afghanistan. a top leader is assassinated just steps before the u.s. embassy. >> deadly questions about whether afghan security forces are up for the task. more on the latest blow to the peace process from kabul. >> reporter: burhanuddin rabbani thought he was meeting a man with a message from taliban. while at home he thought he was meeting a man with a message directly from taliban leaders. the message was so important he was escorted in without security checks. he did deliver a message, just not the on
. >> and president obama told the united nations general assembly he's frustrated with the lack of progress in peace talks. the president says more needs to be dub to establish a palestinian state and caution that had peace can only come as two sides sit down together and hammer out differences. >> each side has aspirations. that is part of what makes peace so hard. and the deadlock will be only broken when each side learns to stand in the others shoe autos president obama met with leaders today first israeli prime minister netanyahu affirmed u.s. commitment to security and later with mahmoud abbas. >> 60 year was out moving one sent meter forward doesn't suggest we should change the method and scheduling here? let's have a month to resume discussions. and six months to find an agreement on borders and security. one year to reach a definite agreement. >> he is expected to submit a formal letter this friday. the u.s. pledged to veto such a bid in large part over resistance to israel's right to exempt -- exist. >> people who love off road vehicles are fighting to get one of their favorite areas reopen
here. >>> and also here in new york today at the united nations, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, who arrived for this week's general assembly meeting, still promising to free two american hikers held in iran. but he refused to say exactly when, and abc's george stephanopoulos asked him about the fate of josh fattal and shane bauer, arrested more than two years ago after crossing the border into iran. >> reporter: guarantee they will come to the united states? >> translator: do i have to provide a guarantee? >> reporter: can you not guarantee? >> translator: yes, we act upon whatever we say. and if we don't want to act, we won't say. we didn't make this decision under pressure. it is a humanitarian decision. but when we said we will release them, we will release them. as a humanitarian gesture. >> and a reminder, you can see george's full interview with the iranian president ahmadinejad tomorrow on "good morning america." >>> history was made today as gay men and women serving in the u.s. military were finally allowed to live their lives in the open. the don't ask, don't tell, po
for a potential showdown at the united nations today over the palestinian statehood. president obama addresses the general assembly in a few hours but he finds himself at the heart of the middle east conflict. palestinian upped the ante and the u.s. is caught in the middle. scott goldburg has more. >> the issue, the united nations hasn't been able to solve for decades is landing this week at the doorstep. >> palestinian president mahmoud abbas comes to new york ready to ask the national security council to recognize palestine as independent state. something that israel opposes and the united states threatened to veto, at the risk of doing damage to the image at the arab world. >> at the end of the day, peace has to be made between the parties. it can't be opposed from the outside. >> obama administration is hoping for a way around the showdown. and resumption of the peace talks as palestinians seeing as failing one time too many. >> we need to see something practical and genuine put on the table. to tell the palestinian people there is hope to establish independent sovereign state. >> away fro
to the secretary-general of the united nations, saying he wants to take his bid for full membership of the united nations, through the security council, to the general assembly. we expect him to keep his statement -- stick to his statement. >> but you oppose it. >> very much so. we oppose it not because we oppose the creation of a palestinian state. we're all for that. but the reality that can only be achieved through direct negotiations with the palestinians and israelis. >> your hope is that he goes there, tables it, you're not pushing for a final vote? but leaves a space for final negotiations? >> we'll see what happens, george. we know one thing for sure. it won't succeed because in the security council, you need nine affirmative votes and no vetoes by a permanent member. and we don't know for sure what the vote count will be. but we know they're not going to get through. >> that it's even gotten to this point, has gotten president some criticism from many of his opponents. mitt romney calling it an unmitigated diplomatic disaster. and texas governor, rick perry, piled on
at the united nations today over palestinian statehood. president obama is set to address the general assembly in the next hour. but he finds himself at heart of the conflict. they have upped the ante with israel and palestine and u.s. is caught in the middle. >> the issue that the united nations hasn't been able to solve for a decade land at its doorstep. mahmoud abbas comes to new york ready to ask the security council to recognize palestine as independent state, something israel opposes and the united states threatened to veto at the risk of doing serious damage to america's image in the arab world. >> at the end of the day, peace has to be made between parties, that can't be imposed from the outside, can't be accomplished through action of united nations. >> the obama administration is scrambling behind the scenes hoping for a way around a diplomatic showdown and resumption as peace talks as palestinians see failed one time too many. >> we also need to see something practical, something genuine. to tell the people there is hope to establish independent sovereign state. >> away from the u.n
the united nations. that's despite the u.s. push, though, to reseem peace talks first. about plans to submit his request for a full u.n. membership today, just before addressing the secretary-general assembly. >>> closing arguments are expected today in the case of amanda knox. she is hoping to have the murder conviction for the bedeath of a rum mate overturned. a verdict is expected early next month. >>> scientists continue to track that dead satellite expected to fall to earth some time this afternoon or evening. the latest calculations indicate, though, that it will not be over the u.s., over canada or mexico, during that time. >>> and stay it ain't so. summer is officially behind us. fall begins this morning. and in mexico, they marked the beginning of the autumn equinox. tourists and locals descended on the mayan ruins, where the sun comes straight through the main gate of a 1,500-year-old temple. >> it's fall over there. cold weather, back to coats and scarves. >> areas that have suffered from the flooding so long. ever since irene. again. >> again, a wet day in the northeast to kick o
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12